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LED Dog Collar

No Pull Adjustable Harness

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"I bought this for my very active puppy:) I bought a harness so that he won't choke himself on the collar while pulling me when we are out for walks and so that he isn't able to escape from me. I bought the blue in medium for now as he's only 5 months old. He also doesn't seem to be able to chew the harness. It's pretty easy to slip on over his head and then I clip the underbody latch when we go for walks. I find the harness to be attractive, very easy to use, and very sturdy and comfortably for my puppy. I will definitely purchase another one in the future when he gets a little bigger. Highly recommend"

Sheila Winchest

"Works great, my dog doesn’t even mind it being on him and he normally chews threw a leash that is connected to a collar. This one for some reason, doesn’t bother wearing it all"

Nathaniel Probst

"This is my second time buying this harness. the 1st one he grew out of. It still looks Brand new. I love this harness so much I had to get it again" 


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